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Taste Colors

Plant-Based, Local & Organic - for the Senses


Taste Colors

Plant-Based, Local & Organic - for the Senses

Mee (center) with Sue and Alex Glasscock (left) and Rob Dalzell (right) at Bouley Botanical, NYC for the press launch of The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook (Rizzoli).

Taste Colors is a unique service that brings together food and nutrition, sensory science and natural healing practices. Our team is lead by Taste Colors founder, the food writer / cook Mee, whose books have been published widely under her name Ysanne Spevack.

She has been based at The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, in Lower Manhattan NYC,  and her hometown, London.

Her team includes naturopathic doctor, Dr Erin Kirwin ND, Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner Lisa Sherman LAc, and her assistant, Anne Apparu.

Her food is actively good for you. The Taste Colors philosophy includes local, organic, plant-rich food, without refined sugar, and peppered with medicinal herbs from many traditions that are selected with the deeply knowledgeable guidance from our team, well as new and emerging ingredients, and a focus on Auto-Immune Protocol diets.

Nutrient-dense, mineral-rich, seasonal, and meticulously sourced foods with exceptional provenance, including single-estate raw heirloom cacao, ashwaganda, reishi and shilajit. She embraces scientific research, and natural traditional foods too. Because, both work!

Her vision brings food and psychology together, to create beautiful and meaningful time at the table together, with healthy food that's accessible. Eating integrates our senses - it's as much about the sense of smell, touch, seeing and hearing as it is about taste.

Our team includes medically trained professionals, so we can assess blood for vitamin or mineral deficiencies if needed, and the impact of your genetics on food intolerances.

Zero woo-woo, more results!

Mee cooks for William Shatner, Patrick Dempsey, and Joshua Bell, as well as events for The Path Meditation, Buddhist teacher Sharon Salzberg, and The Numinous.



20+ years of writing cookbooks and food features


20+ years of writing cookbooks and food features

Announcing Vegetable Cakes, due to be launched October 2018. Confounding ideas about sweetness, vegetables are often better suited to cakes than fruit because, when you think about it, caramelized onions are way sweeter than a tart, raw strawberry. This is plant-based cuisine that's uniquely now. Pre-order it here.

Mee's first book was published under her name Ysanne Spevack in 2001. Organic Cookbook was the first of many cookbooks, including  Fresh & Wild : A Real Food Adventure, The Real Taste of Japan, and The No-Sugar! Desserts & Baking Cookbook. Fresh & Wild was commissioned by Whole Foods Market, and published by HarperCollins, and The Ranch at Live Oak Cookbook, was ghost-written for The Ranch, and published by Rizzoli New York to widespread acclaim, including outstanding reviews in The New York Times and Vogue USA.

She has written for the Los Angeles Times Food Section and Observer Food Monthly (UK) among many international magazines, and has contributed to The Numinous

Mee's deep personal experience is invaluable - there's nothing like personal insights when it comes to something as sensuous and experiential as food. She augments her personal knowledge with meticulous research. Food isn't static - it's constantly evolving and changing, so she stays in the loop as new ideas, flavors, wellness concepts and nutritional research rolls out.

Mee has explored the world, from her travels in Japan, India and South America, to her decade growing edible gardens in California, including her beautiful 2-acre edible garden at The Ranch at Live Oak in Malibu, and her gardens for William Shatner's private estate in Studio City and Patrick Dempsey in Malibu.

She is well-loved in Manhattan, a city she's been linked to since the 90s, and in London, her hometown. She is fascinated with how emerging research in neuroscience and cognitive psychology can be harnessed for greater health and for the pleasure of eating. She is currently exploring how our genes and diets intersect, and the reality of total personalization of everyone's food plan. One size does not fit all - this is at the heart of Mee's food philosophy.

Always at the cutting edge, her books are available at all good bookstores throughout the US, including Barnes and Noble, and internationally on Amazon.

"Nutritious vegetarian dishes to sustain and empower an active lifestyle... artful dishes pretty enough for entertaining."
New York Times

"The ultimate beauty food"
Bobbi Brown on Yahoo! beauty

"Irresistible yet healthy desserts"
Daily Mirror, UK


"So much more than a supper party, it was a semi-magical event. The food was amazing, but it's so much more than food: Mee created a whole immersive experience, from the welcoming ambiance to the wonderful decor to the absolutely stunning musical performance at the end. And throughout it all Mee was gracious and engaging and enlightening. She is a born hostess." Ariel Kaminer, Senior Editor, Buzzfeed

"Mee is extraordinarily talented as a chef. She is creative, fun, and a genius with healthy food - making it look and taste as delicious as the worst-for-you chocolate souffle! She is also a delight to work with. Ysanne is fun, positive, and full of great vibes - I think a lot of that ends up in her food as well. You know it's made with love." Dina Kaplan, CEO, The Path Meditation

"Not only does Mee cook wonderfully nuanced dishes, she also sources remarkable, unique ingredients and delivers masterful descriptions of her dishes. A must for anyone who wants to go beyond merely putting fork to plate." Paul Mones, Attorney

Ysanne Spevack TedxTalk

Mee presented a TEDxTalk in May 2017 to share her knowledge about sensory perception, and how she combines food with other mediums to open our senses, including sound, touch and smell. Synesthesia is a neurological condition that causes people to see sounds, or taste colors. Mee creates sensory immersive experiences inspired by this fascinating subject, and integrates sensory science into her food in every way.

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