Grace, and Inner beauty

As above, so below. That's how it works.

By nourishing internal health, skin becomes more radiant, hair glossier, nails stronger, and inner happiness overflows into grace.

Beauty begins inside, with your inner thoughts, nutrition and hydration. It becomes a blissfully fragrant experience for the senses, but at its heart is the indefinable quality known as grace.

Ysanne recommends fresh greens, and augments their benefits with herbs like chrysanthemum and rose, organic compounds like shilajit and MSM, minerals, and medicinal mushrooms like reishi and chaga.

She'll show you how to use zinc citrate and plant oils for oral hygiene, salt scrubs and for external application. Ysanne created hydro-drops, a system based on floral waters, kishu charcoal, medicinal herbs and subtle essences for optimum hydration. She recommends touch techniques, too.

Everything starts with your nutrition, a healthy microbiota, hydration, and a peaceful internal world, which then flows from here to there, with grace.

“Always have humility when you create, and grace when you succeed.” Quincy Jones