From private dinner parties to corporate canapes, we offer a full service, including mocktails. Every client has their own tastes and unique requirements, which we’re able to accommodate due to our boutique size and selective clientele. From personal chef services for your family’s everyday needs, to looking after a special party, we are open to your vision and grateful to serve.
— Mee

Private Menu

Taste Colors create and deliver custom weekly menus for her private clients in the New York region, based on the personal requirements of each individual.

These often include the following items:


Hydrosol based flower essences and essential oils for ultimate hydration for your body, mind and spirit. Current range includes: Reishi Rose / Angelsword Orange Blossom / Golden Yarrow Lavender. Highly tailored to meet each client's high vibration needs.


Blended from the highest vibration herbs with raw, organic nuts and seeds of exceptional provenance. Current favorites include Raw California Almond with Velvet Bean and Cold Extract Turmeric / Raw Manitoba Hemp Hearts with Cordyceps and Raw Local Honey / Brazil Nut with Lucuma


Ysanne's signature product, made with raw fermented, single-estate, heirloom cacao beans from Ecuador that are full of the anandamide, minerals, medicinal attributes, and flavor profile that you crave in a chocolate. Full range of herbal, mineral and floral varieties, including Ashwaganda, Holy Basil and Gokshura.


Always organic, local wherever possible, and often combining raw and cooked ingredients for optimum digestibility and full-spectrum nutritients, the current Spring favourites include Green Souper Soup with Dandelion, Pipicha Herbs and Shiitake / Ethiopian Yellow Pea with Berbere Spices / Local Jerusalem Artichoke with Ramps


Magic faerie dust for every occasion, without the woo-woo. Keep in your purse and sprinkle to lift any leafy salad to next level status, and to raise the vibes of quinoa and rice. Ingredients include: local Maine dulse, purest chlorella, cold-extract turmeric, powdered reishi mushrooms, and hops. Full disclosure of all of the ingredients in each batch, so you know the traditional medicinal herbs and whole food ingredients in every personal batch.


Cookies, crackers and cakes that are not only free from all the things you'd like to avoid, but are full of all the things you'd like to embrace! This is next level baking and raw desserts, from pies that heal to crackers that soothe. Current favorites are Lemon Drizzle Cake with Baobab, Orange and Almond Cake with Mangosteen, and raw Mini Marzipan Morsels with Matcha, or Original Mini Marzipan Morsels with gelatinized Maca.


If it's a choice of skipping a meal, ordering take-out, or eating out, it's unlikely to be wise. Mee delivers meals that can be refrigerated for up to five days, providing on-demand, nutrient-dense, plant-based meals for busy New Yorkers, direct from your fridge. Delivered in a reusable glass container to prevent leaching plasticides and prevent single-use plastic pollution.


Herbal teas have been used across every culture and every millennium. Mee is inspired by the herbal, medicinal and floral cultures of every part of the globe, including the local herbal folklore in New York and New England. Our current favorite tea blends include: Beau Tea, Sleepy Tea, and Meditation Tea.


Herbal coffees are a new concept for most New Yorkers, and are something Mee has been exploring for a decade. Deliciously bitter, these hot lattes are delivered as a single-serving solid cream to be mixed with hot water in a blender. With an MCT rich base, Mee's coffee replacements contain rich, esoteric herbal medicinal ingredients drawn from Ayurvedic, Amazonian and Traditional Chinese Medicine. These include reishi mushrooms, eleuthro, ashwaganda, green coffee, mangosteen, and holy basil. Sweetened with honey, and enlivened with optional bee pollen, for extra vibrancy.


Mee is a firm believer that the way you start your day has a profound effect on everything in your life. She has created a full range of breakfast solutions to compliment every constitution and lifestyle, and includes: Overnight Oats with Golden Berries and MSM, Almond Pearl Waffles, and Buckwheat Bannocks.