Quick note to say my new cookbook, Vegetable Cakes, has a two-page spread in the Daily Mail today - it’s the right place to reach people who love cookbooks, and who may be in parts of the UK that doesn’t have access to the ideas and community that I'm fortunate to be connected to.

For this reason, I'm delighted the Daily Mail has devoted a double page feature to these ideas i.e. veganism, or how to reduce animal-derived ingredients, exploring plant-based ingredients, and in general, considering the environment, health, and animal welfare when making food choices.

Quite amazing when you think about it, right?!

Here's the link to their feature, which includes three of my recipes:


A quick shoutout to Waitrose Weekend who also gave my cookbook a lovely feature a few weeks ago, and to Velvet Magazine, whose feature about it was also wonderful and appreciated.

Xx Ysanne