There are times when we all need a little support.

  • Before and after surgery

  • If you're thinking about conceiving

  • If you are pregnant, postpartum, or nursing

  • Senior people navigating challenges in their physical abilities

  • If you're sick with something temporary, like the flu or sunburn

  • When your teen breaks out, or your youngest is being picky about eating

  • If you have guests coming to stay, or coming to celebrate life with a dinner or drinks

  • If you're learning how to feed your family at both ends of the spectrum, from baby to Grandma

taste colors provides a full service for these times in a busy New Yorker's life.

Pre- and Post-Natal Food

Ysanne will visit your home and cook for you if you're expecting a baby, and during the first weeks or months that your new-born arrives. You and your family will eat nourishing meals while you heal from the birth, and during these first early stages of the tender process of caring for your child.

Ysanne will care for you with nourishing broths, gluten-free baking and desserts, quiches, fermented foods, and superfood snacks. She will provide you with the deep nutrition you need as a nursing mother, and as someone who is knitting new muscles and rebuilding your strength after the birth. Ysanne can help with placental preparation, from encapsulation to casseroles.

She also offers pre-conception meal advice for both partners, or for people starting hormonal medication in preparation for pregnancy. We'll work with your certified nutritionist to get you ready for this physically and emotionally challenging event, in all its wonder.


Having surgery means actively re-growing muscle tissues, and that requires nutritional support. Contrary to popular myth, eating the right foods the day before surgery can speed up recovery by 50%. The old-fashioned advice to fast before surgery is from the 1950s, and was linked to the old-style anesthetic that was used back then. These days, all doctors who have refreshed their knowledge banks know that pre-surgery nutrition is better than abstinence, and the right nutritional choices pre-surgery mean faster and more robust recovery rates, often with less scarring. Partnered with deeply considered post-surgery nutrition, you'll be fit and fabulous in no time.

Senior Care

Taste Colors can be a great support for any moment in life's journey when we really wish someone was at hand to care for us with traditional foods made with organic, local, wholesome ingredients. We offer support after a surgery, during cancer treatment, and for short or long-term health challenge.

It's an honor to nourish our clients, and to create the casseroles, soups and other fulfilling, satisfying foods that are so beneficial and healing, as well as the vegetable juices, smoothies and medicinal herb-based drinks beneficial for your body during the more challenging times of our lives.

Taste colors supports diverse people with cultural foods to provide emotional support, deep nutrition, and trusted information .

Want Jewish chicken soup that's grain-free? You got it! Want Italian, Greek, Chinese, or Middle Eastern home cooking that's paleo or doesn't include onion or dairy or...? Let's do this!

Recovery is boosted by nutrient-dense traditional comfort foods - and that can lead to lower insurance premiums and medical bills.

There's little benefit from foods that are made from prescribed ingredients that don't also provide deliciousness. Let's boost your enjoyment of the foods that are actively good for you, while avoiding the ingredients that don't make you feel good.

taste colors balances the emotional value of food with the nutritional value, to create healthful, uplifting food that's actively good for you, while avoiding stuff that doesn't work for your unique body.

Personal Classes

If you hear you shouldn't eat grains, we can show you how to make delicious dinners without grains. Or if you've been advised to avoid gluten, or potatoes, or any ingredient, from dairy to sugar, Mee will show you how to add the pleasure back into your meals, from breakfast to dinner, and snacks in between.

Often nutritionists give new guidelines, but aren't able to provide 'real life' advice on how exactly you're going to survive without eating bread, or avoid dairy. So why not enjoy learning new techniques and trying new ingredients with Mee's guidance in your own kitchen. She truly knows how you can do it, from how to make quick and easy protein-rich meals, to what you can do with that plantain to transform it from 'no-idea' to 'yes-I-can'.

With the Taste Colors team's knowledgeable advice, your new diet is more likely to stick. You won't need to rely on ordering meals from a specialist company that can be costly and restrictive, or miss out on deliciousness. Instead, you'll be empowered to have fun and create custom meals based on the flavors you and your family enjoy, while avoiding the ingredients that don't work for you.