Ysanne was the Master Gardener at The Ranch at Live Oak, Malibu for 3 years, creating a 2-acre edible garden with their team, in conversation with the chef. When it was time for The Ranch to write a cookbook, she was the natural choice as an established cookbook writer who is intimate with The Ranch’s ethos.

The resulting cookbook was published under the names of the founders of The Ranch, Sue and Alex Glasscock, as their vision is the foundation of the book, and their guidance was fundamental to its core. The writing and the recipe development was led by Ysanne, and she is credited as a contributing author but was recognized in spoken word interviews by the founders of The Ranch as being fundamental to the writing of the book.

It’s a beautiful cookbook, with photography by Sara Remington and additional recipes by Jeanne Kelley.

Here are four selected reviews:

The New York Times


Harpers Bazaar

Bobbi Brown in Yahoo!

The book was published by Rizzoli in 2015, and the project was led by Jill Cohen. It is available internationally in book stores, and online at Amazon.