USA Launch Event at Book Soup, January 22, 2019

USA Launch Event at Book Soup, January 22, 2019

I’m excited to invite you to the official USA launch of Vegetable Cakes!

Date: January 22, 2019

Time: 7pm

Location: Book Soup, 8818 Sunset Boulevard, West Hollywood, CA 90069

I’ll be in conversation with Lyndsey Parker (Yahoo! / Variety / KTLA / FOX11), and I’ll be sharing some of my favorite recipes from Vegetable Cakes, and serving up a few I made earlier.

See you there!


Vegetable Cakes Press

Quick note to say my new cookbook, Vegetable Cakes, has a two-page spread in the Daily Mail today - it’s the right place to reach people who love cookbooks, and who may be in parts of the UK that doesn’t have access to the ideas and community that I'm fortunate to be connected to.

For this reason, I'm delighted the Daily Mail has devoted a double page feature to these ideas i.e. veganism, or how to reduce animal-derived ingredients, exploring plant-based ingredients, and in general, considering the environment, health, and animal welfare when making food choices.

Quite amazing when you think about it, right?!

Here's the link to their feature, which includes three of my recipes:

A quick shoutout to Waitrose Weekend who also gave my cookbook a lovely feature a few weeks ago, and to Velvet Magazine, whose feature about it was also wonderful and appreciated.

Xx Ysanne 

Epigenetics - Homozygous CBS Mutation and the low sulfur diet

I'm fascinated with new research coming to light about how our genes impact our dietary needs. I have a homozygous mutation of my CBS gene which means I have a serious intolerance to sulfur that won't get better with time - it's in my genes. The great thing about this is that I'm personally highly motivated to research how to navigate low-sulfur diets! Here's my list of foods that people like me can and cannot eat. I'll update the list as new research brings new information to light.

For people with CBS mutations, it's worth noting that proteins should be eaten in moderation until the science catches up with how sulfur and proteins works - and it's good to keep carbs on the low side, with high levels of fats. 

Lots of veggies, of course - but none of the kale / broccoli family that are so healthy for other people. 

Also the jury is out on Epsom salts - some people recommend people with CBS mutations have baths with them often, and some people say we should totally avoid them. Same goes for chlorella and spirulina. 

In short, Nobody Knows For Sure what to do about this, it's all so new, and the last time a scientific study was published evaluating sulfur levels in foods it was the 1950s, and they were evaluating stuff like Ryvitas. It's a quaint and interesting snapshot of foods that were popular at the time of the study, but it needs to be updated for today's products. 

Maybe a food manufacturer will launch a new CBS-friendly range of foods, and fund the product information on the side of the packet, thereby making it happen?

Definitely hope so - there's only so much you can do with the list below, as I'm quickly discovering! That said, if anyone can, I can, so I'm starting to create some recipes that will make this list a lot more appealing. 

More soon!

Xx Ysanne


FOODS that are Low in Sulfur - eat these freely!



Squash of all kinds - acorn, courgettes / zucchini, pumpkins, marrow, butternut, etc

Artichokes (Globe/ French)



Bamboo shoots

Water chestnuts

Basil, parsley, dill, rosemary, thyme and all herbs


Celery and celeriac





Fresh ginger root


Chard of all kinds - green chard, ruby chard, rainbow chard

Mushrooms of all kinds, fresh and dried


Sweet potato



New potatoes

Endive, chicory 


Bell peppers





All berries (except raspberries)

All stone fruit, including cherries, peaches, apricots etc





Basically, most fruit is low-sulfur except passionfruit and raspberries



Macadamias, cashews and pecans

All seeds, except for sesame


Sesame oil (but whole sesame seeds are NOT ok)

Lard, dripping, suet and all fats - animal or plant fats are all A-OK

Full fat milk, cream and butter are all FINE

Vanilla extract

Honey and sugar

And finally, GIN is fine, as is vodka



All fish, shellfish, meat, and organs are high in sulfur, but act low in sulfur 

Dark poultry meat is better than light meat i.e. chicken legs are lower in sulfur than the breast etc

Fatty cuts are best

Tinned sardines are better than fresh



MEDIUM in Sulfur - i.e. I can eat these in moderation



BOILED cabbage

Boiled cauliflower

Boiled lentils



Boiled garden peas

Boiled leeks and well-cooked onions

Boiled cauliflower

Boiled asparagus

Boiled turnip tops

Boiled turnips, radishes, swede, horseradish, jicama, daikon etc

Old potatoes, boiled (meaning, standard potatoes as opposed to baby new potatoes, which I can eat freely)



Passion fruit





Cooked lentils of all kinds

Dried culinary turmeric

Chocolate and carob

Oats, barley

Black tea


Apple juice if it has added sulphur, which most of them do


HIGH in Sulfur, to be avoided at all costs



Brassicas, other than a few boiled ones as seen on the 'medium' list above

Alliums - all of them, except occasional cooked onions and leeks

Beans of all kinds, including beansprouts and green beans

Peas of all kinds

Arugula / roquet


Dandelions greens


Bok choy


Seaweed of all kinds including carrageen 

Sunchokes i.e. Jerusalem artichokes



Peanuts and Brazil nuts

Sesame seeds - whole or tahini (but oil is ok)

All dried fruit that has added sulfur (check the label)


Peas and beans of all kinds

Eggs - equally yolk and white

Meat and fish - but they seem to act like it's low sulfur for some reason I've yet to discover 

Bone broth - likewise, getting confused information about bone broth 

Cheese of all kinds from any animal - goat, sheep, cow etc 


Green tea


Mustard of all kinds

Soy anything e.g. tofu, tempeh, soy milk, miso


Marmite and all yeast extracts

Nutritional yeast

Ground ginger




Turmeric supplements



And finally... stuff that may be high or low sulfur, tbc

Coconut milk and coconut oil


Epsom Salts


I'm endeavoring to find out whether these items are good for people like me with homozygous CBS mutations  or bad for us - conflicting information about this, I'll keep looking for concrete info on these, and welcome any leads to a trusted source if you come across one! Thanks.

Also, I’m finding this article useful.